Areas of Focus

Special Situations

Renewable Trust focuses on identifying market gaps, trends, and potential growth opportunities in energy and technology. Our team works to pioneer transformative business models that drive sustainable growth. Renewable Trust can step in as a management execution team, working from pilot through launch and all subsequent business growth phases.

We enter into lasting relationships with our partners to create scalable platforms by collaborating with public and private entities to achieve community-sensitive outcomes. Bringing together expertise from across the stakeholder spectrum and working within a cooperative framework our team is able to address market challenges and mandates around energy infrastructure, renewable technologies, smart city initiatives, transportation, and finance.

The RT team is distinctive in its ability to identify the appropriate relationships and manage the process to achieve stakeholder and shareholder objectives. Our strength lies in the team’s ability to build on our demonstrated track record of effectively evaluating the trajectory of emerging markets and setting up organizations to be fully equipped and competitively positioned to transform those markets. For example:

Dynamic Energy Networks (DEN)

The Renewable Trust team, along with key partners, built an energy infrastructure investment platform to deploy microgrid based energy solutions; connecting clients’ to emerging two-way dynamic power infrastructure through the energy cloud.  DEN provided cost-effective, resilient, and secure clean energy to ensure a constant flow of high-quality power, through bespoke microgrids and distributed energy resources. We removed the capital risk for our clients, utilizing an energy-as-a-service model, to streamline the implementation of new technology and achieve organizational goals.

DEN’s solutions delivered the capacity to provide clean and resilient energy for critical infrastructure throughout North America, allowing cities and companies to achieve environmental goals while increasing their ability to withstand natural disasters and grid outages. Locally sourced labor and funds ensured that investment and reinvestment remained in the community.

Renewable Energy Trust Capital (RET Capital)

The Renewable Trust team built a utility-scale solar and wind portfolio, owning and operating a diverse set of assets in the U.S. and Canada. Backed by Blue Mountain Capital, RET Capital acquired 220 MW of generating renewable assets in California, Canada and Georgia and created a joint venture with Con Edison Solutions to create a 240 MW solar development project.

RET Capital served as an independent finance platform established to lower the cost of capital for qualified developers and other industry stakeholders by providing reliable takeout financing. Focusing on the middle market and working toward standardization, RET Capital helped to facilitate accelerated growth in the North American renewable marketplace by working closely with selected asset partners to establish long-term relationships with developers, EPC firms, and utilities to provide growth velocity, predictability, and improved margins.

Technology Ventures

Renewable Trust works with companies to help integrate IoT solutions at the nexus of utility, private sector, and transportation systems. By leveraging our experience and partner relationships we help companies accelerate and execute their business plans to achieve stated outcomes through:

  • Direct Early Stage Investments
  • Capital Structuring and Strategies
  • Partner Relationships
  • Management Team Support
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting